A Whole New World

I'm back in the office, but under one condition--- masks must be worn. Working from home was great, however it was making me feel lazier. I barely moved, and just stayed stuck to my couch. It felt great to be able to go out and be a part of society again, but soon enough I realized that this is now a whole new world I'm living in. 

For my own safety as well as others, masks are a must! However, after a few months of wearing a mask for 8 hours a day; I could tell my pores were starting to clog. My skin is now more prone to break outs, and I need a quick and effective SOS. 

This is no reason for me to stop wearing a mask, as my life is more important than the condition of my skin. So instead, I've upped my skin care regime. Here are the steps to my lazy girl routine. 

Morning Routine

1. Drink a glass of water as soon as I wake up
2. Cleanse my face
3. Apply Sunscreen & Don't forget your mask! 


Night Routine

1. Cleanse 
2. Put on LETMESKIN' Calming SOS Mask.

3. Apply Eye Cream

LETMESKIN - S.O.S Calming Mask

This mask has a thick cream like texture and has two ear loops to make sure you get that stubborn double chin hydrated as well! The mask also has a gauze type of sheet to make sure that the cream penetrates deep into your skin. (Click the picture below to purchase!). 



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