Keep Cool, it's Summer

Prevent skin damage and aging during the summer as the temperatures soar high. Drop the temperature of your skin by using cooling products to help keep moisture from evaporating away. The more hydrated your skin is, the less likely it will start to form signs of aging from the dryness of the sun. We want to stay away from dehydrated skin as it may cause fine lines to appear.

Ever wonder why it's so important to apply sunscreen? That's because the sun is ALOT more harmful than you think. UV Ray exposure is the main cause of aging. So what to do you do to help slow down the process of aging while still being able to have fun in the sun? By taking that extra step to heal your skin after exposure to UV Rays. To do so, we highly recommend using products with Aloe to help heal and moisturize your skin. 

The Sooae Glacier Water Sheet Mask, infused with Aloe and Camellia Extract is soaked in a clinical grade gauze sheet for a longer wear time to ensure that you get all that goodness into your skin. It's perfect after a day out in the harmful sun or on a day your a/c decides to give up on you.

Glacier Water Moisture Plumping Sheet Mask

Glacier Water Moisture Plumping Sheet Mask

    • Decreases temperature of the skin for both improved moisture replenishment and retention. 
    • Plumps up, Replenishes, and Retents Skin Moisture
    • Gauze sheet provides longer wear without risking moisture loss from skin
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