Madecassoside Sticker Gummy Sheet Mask
[custom_details] Benefits:  Aids in troubled, damaged, and sensitive skin Calms and moisturizes tired skin. Strengthens moisture barrier of the skin to protect from external aggressors.  Product Description: The main ingredient of this regenerating ointment is the MadecaSoside, which helps to strengthen the...
Honey Fit Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask
 [custom_details] Benefits: Helps skin's pH level to aid in skin irritations or sensitivity Enriched with minerals and vitamin to nourish skin. High-enriched serum containing 1,000 ppm of honey, propolis, and Royal jelly Product Description: Take care of your skin with...
Yuja Fit Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask
 [custom_details] Benefits: Non-irritating product with an ideal pH level that helps solve skin fatigue Hydrating, revitalizing, and nourishes skin 30ml full bottle of ampoule in one package to enrich your skin Product Description: Worried about skin texture being dry? This...
Heartleaf Sticker Gummy Sheet Mask
[custom_details] Benefits:  Can help skin's inflammation, speed up healing and improve circulation. Purifies and brightens the skin by managing excessive sebum Nourishing ampoule allows for immediate cooling and moisturizing effect Product Description: While holding a generous amount of concentrated essence that...
Aqua Sticker Gummy Sheet Mask
[custom_details] Benefits:  Concentrated soft cream essence enriched with Hyalurosan Complex. Promotes hydration and enhances skin elasticity. Deep moisturizing effect. Product Description: The absorption rate of active ingredients in facial mask pack depends on sheet adhesion. This mask tightly seals to your face,...
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