Collagen Firming Mask
[custom_details] Benefits: Adenosine can help lessen the appearance of creases Royal Jelly extract enhances the development of collagen aiding in elasticity Aloe Vera Leaf Extract soothes irritated and sensitive skin while replenishing hydration Product Description: Plump Up, Repair, and feed your...
Skin Repair Signature Mask Pack
[custom_details] Benefits: Rich Hyaluronic Acid delivers deep hydration  Bio Cellulose Sheet enhancing moisture retention Rose, Daisy and Jasmine to revive and purify skin, leaving it radiant and healthy Product Description: Only the best nutrient supply mask pack focused on skin...
Homme All Day Perfect Dual Mask
[custom_details] Benefits: Balancing Moisture After Shaving Product Description: LA MUSE Homme All Day Perfect Dual Mask The first sheet mask for men ! Designed to be optimized for men's faces, it also calms the chin and neck that are irritated...
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